Welcome to 1950sClothing.co.uk. This sites is dedicated to the fashion, clothes, shoes, and hairstyles of the 1950s, and the retro and vintage clothing and accessories inspired by the Fifties.
If you're attracted to this era in any way whether it be to the music, the style, the cars, or the history then we hope this site contains something of interest to you. The 1950s were a time of great change and growth after the dark days of World War II. America lead the way but Britain and the rest of Europe soon caught up.
Fashion designers produced graceful and elegant creations that complimented and enhanced the femininity of women, while men looked smart in tailored suits and fedoras. Rock and Roll set the world of music alight and the whole decade was immortalised in the film and television shows of the day, and half a century later the 1950s are celebrated in the form of retro and vintage clothing, the return of burlesque shows, and at events such as the Goodwood Revival.


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